Doula services

I am a mom of 3,certified Lamaze educator, and a doula.  I love helping moms reach their birthing goals.  I pride myself on providing skilled, compassionate doula care with the needs of the whole family in mind.  My strongest assets as a doula are:

  • a focus on massage for mom’s comfort and relaxation
  • knowledgeable help with positioning and movement to make birth safer and easier
  • an upbeat, encouraging personality that gives moms reassurance and helps them realize that “yes, I CAN do this!”

Services included:

  • A free initial consultation
  • a 3-hour workshop to help you develop your birth plan, practice techniques we’ll be using at your birth, and give you information you can use to prepare for your healthy birth.
  • Unlimited support by phone and email throughout your pregnancy.
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous support in your home and at your birth location.
  • Support after your birth to assist you with immediate postpartum comfort and getting started with breastfeeding.
  • Phone and email support after your baby is born.
  • A postpartum visit to answer questions and review your birth experience.


  • I do not provide medical services such as cervical checks.  I can provide you with information you need to make decisions for yourself.
  • I am educated in supporting mothers who have chosen epidural analgesia.  If at some point in your birth you decide that an epidural is right for you, I will provide you with information on the risks and benefits of this procedure, and I will continue to support you with positioning and comfort techniques.  I will never leave a mother just because she chooses chemical pain relief.  Continuity of care and autonomy of the mother are concepts that are very important to me and my ethics as a doula.
  • If a cesarean becomes necessary, I will support you with comfort and relaxation techniques through the procedure (subject to hospital and OB policies of course.)

Fees and standard procedure:

My standard fee is $550.  Reduced rates are negotiable for military families and teenage mothers.

Typically you would call 256-453-2711 or email to set up an interview.  When you decide to hire me, we sign a contract and a non-refundable deposit of $250 is due, with the balance due by your 37th week or at your workshop, whichever is earlier.

Two weeks before your estimated due date, I go on call for you and am available to you by phone day and night.  This “on-call” period lasts until two weeks after your baby is born.

You agree to call me after every doctor’s visit from the time you begin weekly appointments, so that I can stay aware of your progress and help you work through any questions or issues that arise.  Additionally you agree to call me at the earliest sign of labor, even if you aren’t sure, so that I have enough time to prepare to assist you.

When you go into labor, I will provide recommendations by phone as to how to handle early labor, when comfort measures are not needed.  We will stay in touch by phone at regular intervals, and when labor progresses to the point where you anticipate needing me, I will come to you and remain with you for up to 24 hours.  I will support you in your home until you decide to go to the hospital, then I will follow you there and continue to support you until after your baby is born.

Once the baby is born, I will help you get cleaned up, dressed, and settled into bed with your new baby. I can assist you with breastfeeding if desired. I will take pictures with your camera, deliver a meal from a local restaurant, or do whatever is needed to complete your comfort and get your family off to a good start.

Expecting?  Contact me to discuss how doula care can benefit you!

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